Sitting next to an unruly airline passenger? Here’s what to do

Assuming you’ve at any point flown on a plane, you realize that not all travelers are respectful. Some may be intoxicated, belligerent, rude, or violent. If you’re sitting next to an unruly passenger, what should you do? Experts and frequent flyers offer this advice.

First and foremost, don’t worry. The majority of unruly passengers are more worried than dangerous. Keep your tomfoolery in check and try not to make the situation worse. Use headphones to drown out the noise, or ignore them if at all possible. You can likewise struggle to connect with them in a considerate discussion and figure out what’s irritating them. A friendly conversation can sometimes ease tension and make them feel increasingly at ease.

However, you may need to ask the driver for assistance if the passenger is unmistakably drunk, aggressive, or threatening. Avoid confronting or arguing with them yourself, considering that doing so could exacerbate the situation. Instead, make a covert utterance during a flight retrospective and explain the issue. The flight attendant is trained to deal with these kinds of situations and can offer you a different seat, stop serving passengers alcohol, or physically restrain them if necessary.

Passengers may, in rare instances, struggle to injure themselves or others by opening an emergency exit or attacking a crew member. In such circumstances, you may need to act quickly and work with other passengers or crew members to subdue the passenger. On a recent flight from Los Angeles to Boston, a passenger attempted to bring the plane down using a metal spoon. Until the plane landed safely, he was tackled and restrained by several passengers.

Of course, these kinds of things rarely happen, and most flights are pleasant and peaceful. However, knowing what to do in an emergency is unchangingly beneficial. Keep in mind that your responsibility and safety are very important, and you have the right to report any unruly behavior from other passengers. You can enjoy your flight and stave off unnecessary stress by following these guidelines.

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